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We provide replacement wiring harnesses for many OEMs such as Komatsu, CAT and Hitachi.

We make replacement harnesses that are of higher quality than the OEM harnesses, yet have a lower price and often a shorter lead time to order. To see some examples of the harnesses we already manufacture click on any of the red OEM names above.


We frequently find that the supplied OEM wiring harnesses are manufactured from poor or sub-standard materials, and designed by engineers who do not fully understand the environment and know what options are available.

Harness Master replacement harnesses are fully OEM compatible and are available with Harness Master Upgrades. One example are our wiring boots manufactured specifically to withstand harsh pressure washing, keep moisture out of the connections and make the wiring system trouble free and reliable. The many upgrades we have developed make our products truly "best in class".

Lead Time

Given a supplied sample, we can usually create an upgraded replacement harness within a couple of weeks while OEMS often take three months or more.


We can generally offer a considerably better price than the OEM, along with Harness Master upgrades that make your wiring harnesses more reliable. Currently we are working with mining companies to design replacement harnesses before they are needed. We have a wide range of existing harnesses already available, that you can see by clicking on the red OEM names above.

We can also develop custom, upgraded mine-spec replacement harness and have them available before machines go into service. This allows us to offer better relaibility, and immediate replacement when needed at a pre-agreed reasonable price.

For pricing and further information, please contact your local distributor for more information.